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Surprise! Church at Burning Man

What would inspire folks to shelve their iPhones and computers for a week, wait (with extraordinary patience!) for long hours in line to camp out in a severe desert environment, pack in all food and water, and pack out all … Continue reading

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The solution to ailing twos

Two times two has become five, he said with some concern. Really? When did that happen? Yesterday afternoon it began, and by night was fully evident. With growing alarm he noted, now two times three is unpredictable. Perhaps the whole … Continue reading

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A Junco, the Holy Ghost, and New Thoughts on “It might have happened anyway”

Recently I was visiting a friend, and we sat enjoying a lovely view of her colorful back yard. My friend, a bird lover, feeds many birds at her bird feeder. Suddenly there was a loud thunk! and we could see … Continue reading

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Halloween decor inspirations

Near Halloween, folks around here like to decorate.  They display multiple pumpkins, gigantic spiders, inflated Frankensteins, and anything else they think fits into ghoulish fun.  I passed a mailbox recently that had some décor that offered me some spiritual insight.  … Continue reading

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Love Present

Yesterday, as I drove home along a favorite tree-lined reservoir road, I saw something I had not before.  Someone’s grandfather was walking along the somewhat sketchy shoulder with a couple of long poles, bag in hand.  He was not in … Continue reading

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A Walk and a Listen

The photo above is a view on a walk I often take.   That is the Lafayette Reservoir nestling in golden California hills.  In spring, they are dotted with the lavender of lupine bushes; in summer we see yellow-orange monkey-flower coloring … Continue reading

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