About Me

I grew up in a family that practiced Christian Science. A definitive early experience in my witnessing God’s present, tender care occurred when our family of six was moving by car to another state. On the way our station wagon blew a back tire and flipped off the road, down a canyon, stopping upside down, a total wreck. My sister was thrown from the car, landing on some rocks, and was bleeding and unconscious. The situation looked pretty grim. As a family we began immediately to pray as we began collecting our widely-strewn belongings. My mother went to my sister’s side, telling her of God’s love, care, and presence, in spite of what seemed a horrible accident. Shortly a police car arrived, and they kindly took my mother and sister to the closest town, about one hundred miles distant. Every single aspect of what looked like a devastating experience was turned into a blessing. Doctors who examined my sister predicted internal injuries would prevent normal action, and said she might not walk again. She was walking within 2 days, and fully recovered shortly. My dad, who had broken a collarbone, had a complete healing fairly quickly. We were able to find and purchase a vehicle that exactly met our needs very quickly and in an unusual way. Concern about insufficient money for a rental house due to this unexpected expenditure was turned to God in trusting prayer, and a very suitable house was found that exactly met our needs at a price we could afford.  Every aspect of what appeared so dire was turned into a means of seeing God’s tender care of us. It made a big impression on me.

Seeing the dependability of this kind of reliance, I continued studying Christian Science and applied it when needs arose as I grew up and had children of my own.  We lived medicine-free, and were mostly healthy, but when faced with difficulties, witnessed healings of colds, burns, broken bones, meager finances, skin rashes, and other ailments.

During college I investigated Christian Science Nursing, and eventually took a three-year course in it. I discovered this kind of nursing is deeply Christian, like the outstretched arm Jesus extended to the sinking Peter. I was listed in the Christian Science Journal as a Christian Science Nurse and practiced this loving care, including being a nursing instructor, for about thirty years.   During this time, folks would occasionally ask me to pray for them, and I happily did, with good results.

I felt moved to broaden my ministry from CS nursing to the healing practice of Christian Science in the mid-2000s, and became listed in the Christian Science Journal as a practitioner in 2008.  My deepest desire is to help people discover more of who they are as God’s beloved expression.